Resources & Toolkits

At WCS Canada, we work to support the conservation of wildlife and their homes through research and evidence-based action.

Our work is done alongside a number of First Nations. Any development in the region must be determined and led by First Nations, and benefits must flow to the community members who exclusively live in the area.

We also bring this work to other decision-makers, to share solutions and informed approaches for proactive decision-making.

And we need your help! There are lots of ways you can be involved, from staying informed to sharing information on the latest research.

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Ontario Mineral Tracker

We created the Ontario Mineral Tracker to make it easier for people to know about mineral exploration that is happening – and to make it easier for people to make their voices heard if mining activity is not wanted.

Social Media Toolkit

Let your network know what is happening in the Ring of Fire using these simple tools!

We have developed simple, ready to use graphics and messages that you can post to social media. Check them out here.

How to Oppose Mining in Your Homeland

Knowledge on the options to oppose unwanted mining activities can help you succeed. Read about nine options that can be taken as first steps in opposing unwanted mining activities within the current Ontario and Canadian legal frameworks.

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